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The Showcase of Champions Tournament is proud to be partnered with The Sports Source in connecting student-athletes to post-secondary opportunities that allows them to apply their academic and athletic skill set to have a successful future.

Each year, over $200 million in academic and athletic scholarships is awarded to athletes and their families supported through our E-College Counselor and MATCHFIT® programs. By making a positive impact through sports, personal development, role playing, education and mentoring, we are empowering future generations. 

The Sports Source proprietary E-College Counselor and MATCHFIT® programs will help parents and players navigate the University and College scholarship and recruiting process. 

What is MATCHFIT®    View Video >>>

MATCHFIT® is an Online College Guide, that allows you to use the search engine to find colleges and athletic programs that suit your needs. The database includes updated academic and athletic profiles for every sanctioned college program in the United States that offers your specific sport. Once you have found a school you are interested in, click the coach’s email address to contact him/her. You are able to save any profiles you wish to your computer, or you can print them out to make your very own College Guide.


  • 5,8000 member colleges/universities and over 30,000 colleges
  • Link to admissions departments, college coaches and athletic websites
  • Updated rosters, seasonal stats, positional needs/requirements and more
  • Personalized information related to academic and athletic needs will pinpoint results specific to you alone
  • Available for all 23 NCAA sanctioned collegiate sport
  • Use the PDF option to print your results and create our very own Athletic College Guide

What is E-College Counselor?   View Video >>>

The E-College Counselor provides you with detailed information on each university, both academically and athletically. Now you can instantly access athletic and academic seminars as well as get grade-specific timelines to ensure you stay on track. If sports are a part of your plan, the E-College Counselor gives you guidance and insight on NCAA/NAIA eligibility requirements. You'll find out what college coaches are looking for in prospects, and more.


  • Grade 9-12 Workshop
  • FREE Practice PSAT/SAT and ACT tests
  • College Admissions Seminar
  • Sport Seminar
  • Student resume/dossier
  • Applying-The Common College Application
  • The NCAA/NAIA Eligibility Centres
  • College Coach athletic evaluations criteria
  • Financial Aid
  • College Coach athletic evaluations criteria
  • Mentor support and more!

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